Breast augmentation and augmentation mammoplasty are plastic surgery terms for the breast-implant and the fat-graft mammoplasty approaches used to increase the size, change the shape, and alter the texture of the breasts of a woman.  As an elective, cosmetic surgery, primary augmentation changes the aesthetics — of size, shape, and texture — of healthy breasts.

For breast reconstruction, and for the augmentation and enhancement of the aesthetics — size, shape, and texture — of a woman’s breasts, there are two types of breast implants commonly used :

  1. saline implants filled with sterile saline solution
  2. silicone implants filled with viscous silicone gel


An augmenation mammoplasty for emplacing breast implants has three therapeutic purposes:

  1.  Primary augmentation: to aesthetically augment the size, form, and feel of the breasts.primary reconstruction:
  2. To replace breast tissues damaged by trauma (blunt, penetrating, blast), disease , and failed anatomic development (tuberous breast deformity).
  3. Revision and reconstruction: to revise (correct) the outcome of a previous breast reconstruction surgery.


The emplacement of a breast implant device is performed with four types of surgical incisions:

  1. Inframammary: an incision made below the breast, in the infra-mammary fold (IMF)
  2. Periareolar: an incision made along the areolar periphery (border)
  3. Transaxillary: an incision made to the axilla (armpit),
  4. Transumbilical: a trans-umbilical breast augmentation (TUBA) is a less common implant-device insertion technique wherein the incision is at the navel, and the dissection tunnels superiorly

Inframammary incision is used most commonly .

A 5 cm incision is used below the breast to place implant below the breast tissue .

How the implant size is calculated ?

The various breast sizers are available in various sizes . During operation the breast sizer is inserted before the implant insertion to view the breast look after augmentation . The perfect size implant is chosen to match the sizers volume to get that appearance after surgery .


Breast Augmentation is costly affair because of Cost of quality implants . The world class Implants are available at about 35000 /- per implant . The implant price does not vary with sizes of implants . There are local and chinese cheaper options also but standard MENTOR implants are recommended for good long term results . Operation cost depends on type of hospital you want to get operated. Consult us to know more .

Before and After 

Case 1

Before Breast Augmentation





After Breast Augmentation









Case 2 

Before Breast Augmentation



After Breast Augmentation