Means suction ( negative pressure ) assisted removal of fat. Originally Liposuction was developed for removal of fat from abdomen subcutaneous (beneath skin) plane, now being used almost everywhere in body to take out undesired fat through remote tiny invisible incisions. We are doing Tumescent Liposuction with skin stimulation to induce skin tightening in loose skin so that you get both fat removal skin toning or skin tightening with Liposuction alone. No need to remove skin so no scar. Very effective in Abdomen & Hips liposuction, Thigh liposuction, Butt Liposuction, Arm Liposuction, Face and Breast Liposuction.
Liposuction is used both for Volume Reduction and body reshaping. Lipoplasty is similar to Liposuction only that we removed fat differentially from different areas so that you get your desired shape. Lipo-sculpture i.e. sculpture or reshaping your body through liposuction involves removal of fat from areas where its excess and using the same fat after processing for augmentation of areas where bulk is less to provide curves and fullness (Fat Injection). Overall best Liposuction procedure is designed to give your body the best possible shape.

Common areas :

Liposuction Can be done anywhere if subcutaneous fat deposition present, most common are belly or abdomen, buttock, thighs, hips, arm, breast, double chin and face.


Abdomen or Stomach or Belly Liposuction with Hips & Mons Pubis Liposuction excess abdominal fat takes out through liposuction to reduce girth and to give a beautiful shape & curves. Fat in females largely centered in subcutaneous plane (beneath skin) and so easy to take out and gives drastic result, while in males some fat is there inside abdomen also. Hips liposuction is done simultaneously with abdomen liposuction. We start abdominal liposuction just beneath breasts area continue it up to mons pubis ( vaginal lips liposuction included in same if needed), and from one flank to other in one sitting to provide you smooth uniform fat loss with appropriate curves and shape.