Tummy tuck Abdominoplasty
Abdominoplasty (commonly called tummy tuck) :- Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is done to tighten loose abdominal wall, which can occur due to lack of exercise, after pregnancy or any kind of prolonged abdominal distension because of tumor or fluid collection.
Laxity of abdominal skin is often seen after weight loss and after liposuction when fat is removed leaving loose skin there.

In abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck, excess skin and fat is removal, loose muscle layer tightening, and plication of muscles in various locations is done to get desired curve and shape.
Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck, not only improves look and working efficiency, but it also improves back pain by reducing strain caused by hanging intra abdominal organs over spine.

Mini-Tummy tuck or Mini-Abdominoplasty

Mini Tummy Tuck or Mini Abdominoplasty : Mini tummy tuck involves correction of skin bulge and muscle tightening below umbilicus only . A vast majority of patients do not need complete tummy tuck, they have localized fat deposit and loose skin and muscle below umbilicus only. In mini tummy tuck skin & muscle tightening is done in this area only. its a very small surgery compared to formal tummy tuck.

Lower body lift :- lower body lift includes lift of sagging thighs and buttock. First Liposuction is done to remove excess fat followed by removal of excess skin and skin tightening to tighten sagging hip, thigh and buttock region.
Usually combined with Liposuction & abdominoplasty or tummy tuck and upper body contouring.

Mons liposuction and lift or Mons Tuck ( for obesity & mons ptosis) :- Bulky and saggy mons pubis not only looks unsightly , it also interferes in wearing tight fitting cloths. Mons sagging hides Clitoris the most sensitive part of female genital and reduces pleasure of love making
Liposuction with or without ( as per need) mons lift with skin excision ( if gross sagging) is done to provide this area a healthy and youthful appearance.

In early phase, removal of fat through liposuction can restore youthful appearance but when associated with excess loose skin , mons lift ( along with mini tummy tuck) restores the same.
Liposuction, abdominoplasty or tummy tuck and mons lift are usually done in combination to get best result in more severe obese cases with loose skin as it both tightens abdominal wall as well as lifts sagging vagina .

Panniculectomy : Panniculectomy is removal of hanging abdominal skin. When hanging skin contraction iss very huge and good skin contraction after lipo surgery is not expected, panniculectomy with or without lipo is a very good option. It improves personal life sense of fitness and look. Moreover, in most diabetic cases, dosage of anti diabetic medicine goes down, some of our cases got even complete cure of diabetes. In fact, fat in abdominal pannus is insulin resistant and removal improves diabetes.