Facelift surgery lifts up the skin, deeper tissues and/or the underlying muscle, to make the face tighter and smoother. As you get older, the muscles in your face get looser and your skin becomes less elastic. This leads to wrinkles and then to skin folds and lines. Losing a lot of weight can also cause sagging skin whatever your age.

A facelift operation can give you a more alert appearance and make you look younger by reducing sagging skin and wrinkles. A facelift works best for the lower half of your face – your cheeks, neck and jawline. You can also have a brow lift which deals with loose skin around your eyebrows and forehead wrinkles.

Having a facelift doesn’t stop your face from ageing, but it does help you to look younger than you would if you had not had the operation. You will get the best results if you maintain a stable body weight, don’t smoke, have good bone structure and skin with good levels of elasticity.

You will usually need to stay overnight in hospital after your operation. Most facelift surgery is done under general anaesthesia. This means you will be asleep during the operation. However, you can have the operation done using local anaesthesia and sedation to relax you. This means you will be awake during the procedure.

Two weeks before your surgery, you must stop taking tablets containing aspirin or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs such as Aspirin. This is because they may make bleeding more likely. You have to quit smoking at least 2 weeks prior to operation and after operation for significant time.

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